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CSC134 - Computers And Information Processing

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Course Code : CSC134
Credit Hours : 03
Contact Hours : 04
: Core
Pre-Requisite : None
Level : Diploma in Hotel Management  [ Part 1 ]

Diploma in Office Mgmt & Tech [ Part 3 ]


This course exposes the students on the essentials of computing thus preparing the non-computer science students on the basic things necessary when they need to set up information systems in their organizations with the help of software houses. CSC134 deals with the general computer literacy. Understanding the computer is becoming more and more essential to be productive and successful in today’s world. This course exposes fundamental computing concepts in a manner that emphasizes their importance from the user’s point of view. The computer is transforming the way we learn, communicate and do business. Besides providing an overview of computers – what they are doing and what they can do, this course also covers the aspects of computer security and ethics, modern trends and issues. The students are expected to have hands-on experience by using popular application packages.

Course Outcomes

Upon completion of this course, students should be able to:
•    Appreciate the role of information system
•    Understand the components of the computer system
•    Appreciate the importance of the computer communication capabilities
•    Understand computer privacy, security and ergonomics
•    Aware of opportunities in information technology
•    Able to use at least two of the most popular and current application software packages


Tests (2)               20%
Laboratory             20%
Final Examination     60%

TOTAL                 100%


Shelly, G.B., Cashman T.J., and Vermaat, M.E., (2011). Discovering Computers: Fundamentals, 7th edition, Shelly-Cashman Series, Thomson Course Technology.

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